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I'm Satbir Sran, a husband and father of twins with a lifelong passion and pursuit of all things technology, aeronautics, jiu-jitsu, and spirituality.  I hope you enjoy my story below, and that we can provide some insights into how our customers are tackling the complex in today's software revolution.

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My Story

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience life and work in various different capacities that have all shaped who I am and what I hope to support all that I have the opportunity to engage with both professionally and personally.  From the early days of network engineering and working through the dot com bust, moving into management consulting with leading consultancies (Booz Allen Hamilton, now a division of PWC’s Strategy& and Deloitte), a few years with Citibank, and finally to the past several years working with various firms as client technology advisor/partner. 


From mgmt. consulting, the main focus was to learn at the intersection of business or management strategy and technology.  How do CXOs think? How do they make technology decisions?  What information do they need, how to provide that information through analysis and structured problem-solving?  Taking those business technology learnings and coupling them with an underlying technical foundation, allows for a unique combination to help advise clients through the modern IT era of emerging application delivery and operational practices.   This modern IT era is predicated on socio-technical approaches to help evolve from the monolithic past to one that embodies all that we know of cloud, DevOps, security, agile/SAFe to shape an organization’s ability to deliver on both business and technology strategy….lest I dare say transformation.


What I now hope to share with all of you is the culmination of this experience through spirited discussion and advisory with my esteemed colleague, Darren Boyd, at the incubator ( or in any other capacity you may wish.


I would love to hear from you and connect!

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