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Hey there!

I'm Darren Boyd, a husband and a father to two precious girls, and someone absolutely obsessed with determining realistic ways to introduce and get the most out of technology-related investments.  I'm a staunch believer that everything we implement is socio-technical in nature, making efficient delivery a complex challenge for any enterprise.  

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My Story

Over the last 20+ years, I have been a career chameleon having worked in capacities such as solution architecture, engineering, operations, product marketing/management, and service delivery.    


In these roles I've become proficient in strategic consulting, architecting and delivering solutions, project definition & execution, budget/expense optimization, merger & acquisition activities (including divestitures), vendor negotiation & management, developing international multi-disciplinary teams, and determining metrics to measure success across an array of programs.

I have an interest in many areas, though lately I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on large depth-of-field domains like Observability, Resilience Engineering, API Economy, as well as more academic domains that deal with elevating architecture and the psychology of change. 

The scars were earned through real trials, and I have witnessed firsthand principles such as the Ringelmann effect, Allen curves, and Dunbar numbers; I have had progressive leaders challenge me to lead as though it was my money (thank you Mazi for pushing me to cloud in early 2010 instead of building a new data center); and I have had the opportunity to work with some extremely brilliant minds to which I am eternally grateful (to name a few - Mike Aossey, Mazi Fayazfar, Milos Brkic, Vikram Ramesh, Allen Clark, Ryan VerVaecke, Judith Laus, and Satbir Sran).


I would love to hear from you and connect!

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