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Episode #43 - Cultivating Resilience and Innovation in Cybersecurity with Mel Reyes

In this episode of the Incubator Podcast, hosts Darren Boyd and Satbir Sran welcome Mel Reyes, a distinguished figure in the tech industry known for his roles as a global CIO and CISO, founder of Digital Guardians, and an active community contributor.  

Mel shares his extensive experience in IT and security, discussing the evolving challenges in cyber threats, compliance, and the importance of leadership in security operations.  He emphasizes the significant impact of management support on cultural change within organizations and highlights the necessity of building trust and collaboration among teams. 

Mel also dives into the importance of addressing employee burnout and the critical role of establishing a robust security mindset across all levels of a company. Throughout the conversation, Mel advocates for a people-focused approach, underscoring that effective security and technological advancement rely heavily on nurturing and empowering personnel.

Tune in and enjoy insights from a cybersecurity leader!

About Mel Reyes

Mel Reyes is an accomplished and seasoned cybersecurity, having held positions as global CIO and CISO.

Mel is the Founder of Digital Guardians, a hub for individuals, nonprofits, and seasoned professionals focused on educating others.  This includes enthusiasts, industry professionals, and experts seeking to enhance their understanding of IT, cybersecurity, and compliance domains.

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