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Episode #40 - Anonymisation through pseudonymisation

In this podcast episode, we delve into data masking, data privacy, test data management, test environment management, the role of synthetic data, and the value of establishing a data fabric.  Quite a bit of ground to cover!

K2View is a leader in data fabric and Customer 360, creating a comprehensive view of the customer journey which aids businesses in understanding customer behavior, preferences, and needs, leading to better service and personalized experiences.

This of course naturally leads to the topic of data privacy. Hod Rotem emphasizes the increasing importance of safeguarding consumer data by sharing strategies and best practices for maintaining data privacy through concepts such as synthetic data and data subsetting via the domain of test data management.  This ultimately leads to more agile, accurate, and cost-effective testing processes overall.

Have a listen and enjoy real-world examples and perspectives regarding future trends in data management and privacy.

About K2View

K2View was founded in 2009 by Achi Rotem and Rafi Cohen, who brought their vision and expertise to create an enterprise-grade data platform. K2View focuses on a range of data-related domains, offering solutions such as data masking, data migration, synthetic data generation, data tokenization, data pipelining, multidomain MDM (Master Data Management), and cloud data integration (iPaaS - Integration Platform as a Service).

Their services are utilized across various industries, notably in financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors.

K2View's approach to data management is centered around organizing enterprise data into micro-databases, where each micro-database integrates all the data for a specific business entity. This innovative approach allows for real-time responsiveness and operational intelligence, catering to the needs of large enterprises seeking agility and a data-driven approach.

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