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Episode #38 - Practicality in Protection: Implementing an AppSec Program

In this episode of our podcast, we sit down with Jeevan Singh, a distinguished leader in the field of Application Security (AppSec), to delve into the intricate world of securing software applications. The discussion highlights the perils and challenges faced by organizations in today’s digital landscape, emphasizing the growing sophistication of cyber threats and the vital importance of robust AppSec programs.

Jeevan articulates how he approaches implementing AppSec programs through a crawl, walk, run progression, which helps to address cultural gaps that may exist between security teams and developers. He stresses the need for a paradigm shift from viewing security as a mere checkpoint, to integrating AppSec as a fundamental aspect of the development process. Jeevan shares insightful anecdotes and experiences to illustrate how this shift can lead to more secure and efficient development workflows.

Jeevan is active in the community, being Co-Chapter lead for OWASP Vancouver, as well as teaching threat hunting/modeling techniques to his local community.

Ever insightful, Jeevan offers advice to organizations just starting their AppSec journey and provides insights into the future trends in application security. This podcast is a must for anyone looking to make meaningful progress in their AppSec journey. We are confident our listeners will come away with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions in Application Security, enriched by Jeevan Singh’s expertise and practical insights.

About Jeevan Singh

Jeevan has spent the last 20 years cultivating his deep understanding of defensive security by continually examining scenarios from every imaginable angle to locate weaknesses and penetrate defenses to provide protective services.  Over and over he has been charged with building security from the ground up while making it as transparent as possible.

Jeevan is disarming and the epitome of a collaborator who is interested in developing everyone around him.  Whether it's through OWASP Vancouver where he is Co-Chapter Lead, or using his own time to teach threat-hunting techniques to his community (matching dollar for dollar all of the money spent on tickets, donating to local public schools), Jeevan is an authority whose passion is infectious.

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