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Episode #37 - CISO Perspectives on Cybersecurity Programs, Risks, and Priorities

Join Satbir and Darren as they interview Nemi George, a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Pacific Dental Services, as they cover a complex tapestry of modern cybersecurity concerns.

The discussion covers diverse topics including the evolving threat landscape, the rise of sophisticated cyber attacks, evolving insider threats, risk management, supply chain complexity, and the value of preventive action.

As the conversation unfolds, Nemi highlights the importance of a robust security culture within an organization, articulating that while technology is a critical line of defense, the human element remains the most unpredictable. Initiatives to enhance security awareness, continual education programs, and behavioral analytics to detect insider threats are discussed as key strategies.

A portion of the conversation is dedicated to the impact of regulatory compliance with Nemi discussing the challenges in navigating complex international laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, and industry/state-specific regulations. Amidst the discussion, Nemi emphasizes the importance of privacy by design and the role of the CISO in ensuring that compliance enhances, rather than hinders, business operations.

As the conversation nears its conclusion, Nemi speaks candidly about the future, including the advent of artificial intelligence as a technology that both enhances security measures while also inevitability being used by adversaries as well.

This important podcast ultimately touches on the intersection of business acumen, technical expertise, and strategic thinking required for modern CISOs to thrive and protect their organizations in an age where cybersecurity is a key pillar of business continuity.

We hope you enjoy!

Nemi George is the CISO at Pacific Dental Services.

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