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Episode #36 - Leveraging Deep Learning for Deep Defense

Traditional cybersecurity approaches, often retrospective in nature, race to detect and respond to threats only after they've manifested. This reactive paradigm, although necessary, leaves a window of vulnerability—a time-lapse during which systems are exposed, data is compromised, and infrastructures are at risk.

Deep Instinct represents a seismic shift in the way we approach cybersecurity.  What makes Deep Instinct stand out in the vast sea of cybersecurity firms lies in their use of deep learning.  Inspired by the structure of the human brain, deep learning enables computers to learn from vast datasets and make independent decisions when distinguishing benign from malicious activity. This exhaustive training equips the system to recognize and thwart even the most novel threats, those that conventional systems might overlook.

While many companies leverage machine learning for post-breach detection, Deep Instinct's platform is designed for zero-time prevention. Its deep learning models, once trained, can instantaneously analyze data, making split-second decisions to halt threats in their tracks. This preemptive approach narrows the vulnerability window, fortifying systems against both known and unknown cyber adversaries.

Join  Satbir and Darren as they speak with Carl Froggett, CIO & CISO, about what makes Deep Instinct unique in how they approach cyber-defense.

About Deep Instinct

Established in 2015, Deep Instinct represents the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.  Founded by Guy Caspi, Dr. Eli David, and Nadav Maman, the company was established to leverage the power of deep learning to preemptively strike against malicious cyber threats.  While traditional cybersecurity solutions often react to threats after they've occurred, Deep Instinct's proactive approach, rooted in deep learning algorithms, enables an unmatched zero-time threat prevention mechanism.

Championing a paradigm shift from responsive to predictive cybersecurity, Deep Instinct stands as a beacon of innovation, promising a safer digital future for enterprises and individuals alike.

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