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Episode #35 - Using Aviatrix to simplify multi-cloud networking

Enterprises are not confined to the boundaries of a single cloud environment.  But as many adopters have discovered, navigating multi-cloud isn't without its challenges from a networking perspective.  The once-promised flexibility and scalability of the multi-cloud model are often overshadowed by daunting complexities, diminished visibility, and fragmented control mechanisms.  The disparate networking and security paradigms of each CSP have all but eroded the notion of a seamless integration experience, ushering in the need for an overlay capability.

Aviatrix's answer is both innovative and intuitive. The company sought to reimagine the entire multi-cloud networking paradigm. By developing a platform that provided a unified control plane, Aviatrix ensured that businesses could have a singular, centralized view of their entire network topology, irrespective of the cloud provider. This was complemented by advanced networking and security features that addressed the individual quirks and requirements of each cloud environment, ensuring seamless operation across the board.

Join  Satbir and Darren as they speak with Chris McHenry, Head of Product Management, about what makes Aviatrix unique in the space of multi-cloud networking.

About Aviatrix

Founded in 2013 by Sherry Wei, Aviatrix embarked on a mission to revolutionize the multi-cloud networking landscape. Recognizing the challenges businesses faced in navigating the complex terrains of multi-cloud environments, Aviatrix developed a solution designed to bring simplicity, visibility, and control back into the hands of enterprises. 

Aviatrix provides a unified control plane and a suite of advanced networking and security features, addressing the intricacies of designing, deploying, and operating cloud network architectures.  As a testament to its impact, Aviatrix boasts in excess of 550 enterprise customers, continually driving forward its vision of an interconnected and seamless multi-cloud world.

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