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Episode #33 - A discussion with Sounil Yu, author of the Cyber Defense Matrix

Sounil Yu is an author, cybersecurity visionary/strategist, advisor, security scientist, and leader. In his capacity of Chief Security Scientist at BoA he was in part responsible for developing and optimizing their cybersecurity portfolio. With an ever expanding set of entrants in cybersecurity, he recognized the need to develop a framework that would provide a consistent mechanism to describe and organize solutions. Over the last several years this framework, the Cyber Defense Matrix, has evolved into a very robust matrix that can apply to an expanding set of use cases.

At The Incubator Podcast, we are using the matrix to not only map out vendors in the cybersecurity domain, but to also anticipate vendor movement between adjacent capabilities to assist clients with deliberate rationalization and optimization exercises. Our customers tire of the 'expense in depth' that accompanies market narratives in the domain of cybersecurity and we aim to provide purposeful and defensible portfolio strategies.

About Sounil Yu

Among Sounil's many contributions to the domain of cybersecurity, today he serves as the CISO & Head of Research for JupiterOne, where his experience in assessing long-term technologies and threat horizons allows him to lead strategic planning and risk management. His book, the Cyber Defense Matrix, is a battle-tested framework that has evolved over the years, and one that he has applied throughout his esteemed career.

You can order the Cyber Defense Matrix on Amazon (link)

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