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Episode #32 - OSS LIbrary-Level Analysis and Least Privilege Enforcement

Oligo Security provides OSS library-level analysis and creates a profile of behavior on runtime.  By evaluating what the OSS packages need from the operating system, they can detect malicious activity for each and every component in runtime.  Through continuous monitoring, they can alert on deviations from baseline behavior and even block those deviations if desired.  They apply a least privilege approach when assessing OSS libraries which reduces alerts by upwards of 85%.  Given approximately 80% of deployed code contains OSS, Oligo's least-privilege approach is a true differentiator. 

Join  Satbir and Darren as they speak with Gal Elbaz, Co-Founder and CTO of Oligo Security, about their views on how to practically manage OSS vulnerabilities.

About Oligo Security

Oligo Security, headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel, was founded in 2022 by lifelong friends and co-founders Gal Elbaz (CTO), Nadav Czerninski (CEO), and Avshalom Hilu (CPO).  Supported by a venerable who's who of advisors, the company has raised $28M in Series A to tackle OSS vulnerabilities in a different way. Recognizing that software and cloud environments are getting more and more complex, securing OSS libraries and hence modern applications has become a complicated task that requires deep understanding of runtime behaviors.  This allows Oligo to elevate Product Teams and Security practitioners to move beyond theoretical issues and get more focused with protection.   

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