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Episode #30 - Apiiro with Idan Plotnik

Apiiro has built its Code Risk Platform to address risks inherent in material changes to application logic/code ... long before those change ship to prod. Given the imbalance in the ratio of developer to security practitioner, Apiiro's solution is crucial if we are to deliver sustainable security programs that meet the demands of new product introduction. They are the winner of RSA's Innovation Sandbox and are recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in DevSecOps.

Apiiro establishes an ongoing understanding of the ins and outs of applications and software supply chains, and how the attack surface changes over time. Their Risk Graph represents all code modules, dependencies, user stories, APIs, data models, development environments, container images, pipelines, technologies, frameworks, contributors, and other application components. Taking signal logic such as developer behaviors and various security inputs, they can trigger engagement models to allow developers and security practitioners to co-create software changes. This is a must-have for every security program!

Please listen and contact  Satbir and Darren to explore this and other cybersecurity and risk-related domains.

About Apiiro

Apiiro was started in 2018 by co-founders Idan Plotnik (CEO) and Yonatan Eldar (CTO) to accelerate application delivery by focusing on risk management.  Their platform provides a more meaningful partnership between developers and security professionals to co-manage application risk.  

Apiiro counts companies such as Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, Rakuten, and Colgate, among others as customers.  To date, they have raised $135M via Series B and have just unleashed their patented Risk Graph query engine to unlock the full breadth of their engine, to the public.

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