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Episode #28 - Theom (part 2) with Navindra Yadav

Data platforms are evolving, allowing data clouds to connect with consumers and producers of data that may be external or internal to your organization. Sharing with upstream/downstream partners in this data economy presents significant challenges to protecting data. 

Join us as we discuss this economy and the security implications, with Navindra Yadav, CEO & Co-Founder of Theom.

Please listen and contact Satbir and Darren to explore this and other data security-related domains.

About Theom

Founded in late 2020, Theom continuously discovers data and using techniques such as NLP classifiers - determines the data 'value' in terms of potential exposure.  They do this by combining data classification with actions from entities which ultimately serves to safeguard your data position.  By applying determination to the data itself, Theom security posture follows the data thwarting any attempt to circumvent your policies.  

All activity is immutably logged to a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Proof of Action driving confidence and representing an important focus for your cybersecurity program.  

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