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Episode #27 - Chronosphere with Paige Cruz

Nobody understands observability at scale quite like Chronosphere co-founders Martin Mao (CEO) and Rob Skillington (CTO).  While at Uber they created, and open-sourced, the M3 metrics engine, which was capable of handling billions of data points that describe the most complex environments.  Then, in 2019, they founded Chronosphere which is now valued at over a billion dollars.

Chronosphere focuses on capabilities that help Product Teams work more efficiently to manage their applications.  The company’s trace metrics help developers and SREs create a single metric that represents all or part of their business logic call flow, such that visibility and alerting can focus on the things that matter.  They also provide the ability to set data quotas on teams so Product Teams can better manage their costs against centrally managed quotas.  

Chronosphere is committed to open source, having donated PromLens (a query builder for Prometheus) to Prometheus, as well as providing complete support to OpenTelemetry (a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project set to soon overtake Kubernetes in terms of contributions.  For any company that desires to support open standards with its observability strategy, Chronosphere is a must-have platform!

Please listen and contact Satbir and Darren to explore this and other observability-related domains.

About Chronosphere

Chronosphere exited stealth in 2019 and made its Observability SaaS platform available in early 2021.  The company was founded by Martin Mao (CEO) and Rob Skillington (CTO) who were responsible for developing and open-sourcing the M3 metrics engine while at Uber.  Their SaaS product is capable of handling billions of data points a second while allowing for granular cost management.  Chronosphere are staunch supporters of Open Source and open standards, and are contributors to Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and OpenMetrics, to name a few. 

To date, the company has raised $342.5M in Series C investment, is headquartered in New York, has over 300 employees working for the company, and has notable companies such as Snap, Doordash, and Abnormal Security as customers (with companies such as Walmart as users of M3).     

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