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Episode #24 - Synack with Tim Lawrence

Disrupting traditional security testing approaches is where Synack specializes. They have long recognized that to thwart attacks in modern adversarial campaigns requires a maximal combined talent of human and AI-powered intelligence. Through the gamification and use of crowdsourced expertise across verifiable exercises, Synack leverages its Synack Red Team (SRT), a global network of ethical hackers, to identify and address vulnerabilities across an ever-evolving attack surface.

This crowdsourced team of highly skilled and heavily vetted ethical hackers represents one of Synack's key differentiators. Traditional security assessments and audits provide point-in-time insights into an enterprise's security posture which does little to illuminate an organization's cyber defense capabilities, processes, or controls. Synack instead opts to use an incentive-driven model that allows their security practitioners to employ any Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) they deem appropriate, encouraging behavior that more readily models exploitation hunting as an adversary would. Sessions are recorded and exploits are verified via other members, providing a capture into how the vulnerabilities are found, along with how long it took, what the relative effort was to identify, and what remediation steps are recommended. Re-test is part of the service for closed-loop verification.

Join us in this episode as we speak with Tim Lawrence, Solution Architect as we go into greater depth into how Synack can provide resilience to any organization. In a market where security practitioners are hard to come by, this is a firm to engage with.

Please reach out to us to discover how we develop closed-loop resilience patterns in a modern SSDLC!

About Synack

Synack was founded in 2013 by CEO Jay Kaplan and CTO Mark Kuhr with the purpose of disrupting traditional security testing by blending an extensive global network of extremely talented crowdsourced ethical hackers and AI-powered intelligence.  

The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with regional offices around the world, and has raised over $112m to date. Their current customer base consists of Global 2000 companies that have taken an interest in providing an offensive approach to defensive security posture management.

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