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Episode #11 - Symmetry Systems with Martijn Loderus

In the modern enterprise, data spans multiple cloud providers, regions, databases, object stores, and data lakes.  Users, developers, supply-chain vendors, and contractors all access data via multiple roles, entry points, and applications.  In a truly dynamic environment where developers embrace ephemerality, organizations need to be able to visualize how data flows, who is accessing that data, and how that data is being used, all in real-time.  

In this episode, we speak with Martijn Loderus, VP of Solutions Engineering & Delivery, of Symmetry Systems on how they are taking a data-centric approach to enable organizations to map, secure, and track identity, permissions, and data flows across the estate while providing unified visibility across these environments for cloud and information security teams.

About Symmetry Systems

Symmetry’s DataGuard is a hybrid cloud data security solution that provides a data-centric approach to enabling security for an organization. DataGuard provides a cloud Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution that unifies visibility into data objects across all data stores, answering data security and compliance questions that traditional cloud security tools are simply not able to.  

DataGuard enables cloud and security operations to understand and systematically control data risk while baking in compliance and incident response.  DataGuard provides actionable insights into data flows, unlike traditional approaches, which offer more static views of roles and permissions and data..

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