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Episode #7
Protecting API Business Logic & Vulnerabilities with In-Depth Modeling with Vince Bryant, Cequence Security

Cequence Security understands API attack surfaces, protecting upwards of 6 billion API transactions on any given day.  In this podcast episode, we speak with Vince Bryant, Senior Director of Business Development of Cequence Security.  In an age characterized by velocity in execution, Cequence will be the first to state that, "digital transformation from the inside looks pretty messy".  In assessments, Cequence frequently discovers that the API attack surface is usually 2x what an organization believes is in use.  From inventory discovery and risk assessment to behavior analysis with sensitive data exposure protection and business logic abuse protection - Cequence's single-pass architecture emphasizes intent when creating an in-depth profile of applications. 

Episode #7 - Protecting API Business Logic & Vulnerabilities with In-Depth Modeling
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About Cequence Security

Founded in 2014, Cequence Security is a late-stage cybersecurity startup with an experienced leadership team that came from companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, and ZScalar. 


The company models its name after the required steps the platform takes to protect an application, from discovery through to profiling, detection, and layered defense.  Cequence completed their Series C funding raise in late 2021 bringing total funding investment to approx $100M, and they are putting those dollars to work.  


Their primary platform, Cequence Application Security Platform provides the basis for their intelligence-gathering function which discovers web and mobile applications and available APIs, and uses analysis of user behavior, headers, protocols, application behavior, and heuristic analysis across user, client, network, and application to fingerprint traffic in the ultimate pursuit of rooting out malicious behaviors.  Mitigation options include automatically blocking requests, providing rate-limiting capabilities, and employing various deception techniques.

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