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Episode #2
Observability with Marc Weisman, Datadog

In this episode, we speak with Marc Weisman, VP of Product Management, Platform at Datadog.  Marc has spent the last 6+ years with Datadog, defining and expanding their platform at a pace of almost one feature per day.   Marc provides a perspective on observability, how it fits in the enterprise, and some practical implementation guidance.

Episode #2 - Observability with Datadog
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About Datadog

Datadog has a pedigree steeped in innovation with considerable resources allocated to R&D, as well as key strategic acquisitions including Undefined Labs to reach beyond production and into code progression, compliant routing of MELT data via the Timber acquisition, and Sqreen to provide ongoing threat detection, posture management, workload security, and application security. 


The completeness of offerings puts Datadog in a leadership position in the modern enterprise.

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