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Episode #19
Constructing a versatile SSDLC that can simply do more
with Nick Durkin, Harness

How many pipelines does my organization need? What pipeline construction patterns are most acceptable to my developers? What intelligence should I inject into the pipeline? Nick Durkin, Field CTO & VP of Field Engineering from Harness answers these and more. Join us in this episode as we unpack some philosophical areas of SSDLC architecture while diving into the Harness portfolio to see how they continue to innovate in topics such as Chaos Engineering, Feature Flag Management, Security, Intelligent Testing, Cloud Cost Management (more than just visibility), Service Reliability, and more.


The pipeline underpins the SSDLC process, ensuring not only a collaborative experience between testing, development, and operations, but also an enabler of contemporary delivery approaches such as DevSecOps, Agile, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. Without a pipeline that can support all interested stakeholders, safe delivery of code at market expectation will be elusive at best.

Episode #19 - Constructing a versatile SSDLC that can simply do more
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About Harness

Harness is a leading software delivery platform with a growing set of capabilities that aim to simplify DevOps.  Founded in 2016, Harness has raised $425M to date through Series D, and has an already staggering set of products to enable an SSDLC.  They have several patents in test orchestration, cloud cost management, and service regression management, among others, and apply AI and ML to much of what they deliver.   


Harness has changed the game when it comes to software delivery - with incredible value across CI (via Drone acquisition in 2020) & CD, Feature Flag management, Cloud Cost Management (of which they can take actions as well as surface them), Security Testing Orchestration, Service Reliability Management, and now Chaos Engineering (via ChaosNative acquisition in 2022). 

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