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Episode #15
Reimagining Observability and making it viable
with Nick Heudecker, Cribl

We heard a great quote at RESOLVE'22 this year which said, "customers pay for up time and companies pay for downtime".  A rather adroit quote, and one that truly captures the Sisyphean challenge of ensuring applications are performant in the way we expect.  When it comes to the Herculean task (wow - two mythological references in one opener!) of making modern observability viable, there stands Cribl, the leader in Observability Pipelines and a true disruptor of the domain.  Cribl has launched several products that enable practitioners by focusing on data value at the edge, in the stream, and in a customer's Observability Lake(s).

Join us in this episode as we speak with Nick Heudecker, Senior Director of Market Strategy & Competitive Intelligence at Cribl as we explore their product portfolio and how those products reshape how we should think about data processing in observability and security.  

Episode #15 - Reimagining Observability and making it viable
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Cribl was founded under the principle of getting the right observability data, to the right place, in the right format.  Accomplishing that objective required a fit-for-purpose solution.  Since founding the company in 2017, Cribl has been releasing products at a staggering pace.  They now have products that can universally collect (Cribl Edge), instrument (Cribl AppScope), enrich/transform/route (Cribl Stream) and perform federated search (Cribl Search) for all MELT data across the enterprise.  The portfolio delivers an agnostic observability capability at the lowest possible friction for Platform Engineering and Product Teams.  

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