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Organizations have historically solved new technical paradigms by building models using techniques such as metaphorical reasoning or analogies.  Simplified models work well when dealing with evolutionary technical pressures (e.g., IT-driven adoption of hyper-converged platforms) but start to fall short when considering the many grand challenges inherent with today's revolutionary pressures (e.g., an organization-driven shift from Project- to Product-mode).


We believe that we sit firmly in a technological revolution requiring a new means of production.  Such grand challenges require equally grand responses which is why we advocate for using techniques around design & possibilistic thinking.  These concepts promote a systematic interrogation of traditional norms upon which existing solutions are based, and we have applied this thinking to large depth-of-field domains such as Observability, the API Economy, Operating Models, and various concepts in Cloud and Security

Through this platform, we aim to promote ideas that can help shape strategies for the enterprise and collectively refine how emergent technologies and nascent domains are evaluated. 




with Satbir & Darren

We cover socio-technical themes, concepts, and technologies that matter to the modern enterprise 

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If you are a Practitioner, Academic, Vendor, or Venture Capitalist, we would love to have you on the show.   


If you are a listener, please reach out and let us know what your own perspective is on these topics!

Satbir Sran -, (202)-431-0558

Darren Boyd -, (408)-204-9779

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